The Sapphire Beach Club



We have a full region beach themed island (Skyhill) where people can relax, explore, celebrate live events and parties.


The heart of our island (Skyhill) is the

unique and breathtaking



We don't play just on one style of music.

From Hip-Hop, RnB to Latino Merengue etc, Pop and Rock, Electro Dance Music, 70's 80's 90's

top charts.

And of course our passion

the LIVE EVENTS with bands and singers.

The Club can also be rented from us and you can organize your own party (if you want we can also help you to find DJ's and Hosts).


The SAPPHIRE BEACH CLUB has a Mainfloor a pool area and 6 diffrent venues as well as a private beach for the dance hungry who want a short break ;)


further there is still to discover

- Beach area for chilling out, sunbathing, swimming, meet and greet, playing games and more.

- A yoga and meditation area to relax and recharge your batteries for the next trip in Secondlife.

- It has cuddle areas everywhere for those in love

- We have 3 stores (two still empty and can be rented) for shopping.


There is so much more on Skyhill Island, so come and see for yourself.


We would be very happy to welcome you and your friends on Skyhill / Sapphire Beach Club.

Best regards the Sapphire BC Team

 John Sinclair 

 CEO, Founder & Owner 

The creative Brain of Sapphire BC, Promoter, Builder, Social Media Admin and former Dance Club owner in RL.

Since over 9 years in SL

 Claudine Jewell 

 Co Owner 

The heart piece and calm soul of Sapphire BC, Model, Photographer and wifey of John.

Since over 12 years in SL

 Amber Lefavre 

Event & Club Manager 

The engine of Sapphire BC extremly professional and loving person. She knows everyone and everyone knows her.

Since over 11 years in SL

Friends & Staff

James Whitaker - DJ Jenn - ArishaFlame75 - Monalisa V Belikov - Doris - DJ White - Mavenn -

II Winter II - Seli Blackmore - Lexus Melodie - Nasha Faith - AnLaik - DJ White - Jess - DJ WizZerD DeSantis - DJ ILLSkillz - Yuria Sakura - Amberleigh Konijntje - Ehrin Yarne 

 The Sapphire BC Team 

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